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Service commitment 
Thank you for purchasing our product! "Customer satisfaction" is our principle of service, in order to ensure your legal rights when buying our products please Camry Albert look: 
1. Have Pandas Electronics company provides warranty card. 
2. With or without a valid ticket sales. 
3. Have the dealer signature. 
If you buy the Pandas Electronics company's products, you can enjoy my company to provide you with quality service. [/ color] 
* Product from the date of purchase within three months, in the case of non-destructive product appearance, the host under normal use the premise of quality problems, with valid Sales bills and warranty card, to the point of purchase replacement host. 
* From the date the product within one year from the purchase, quality problems under normal operating use, with a valid ticket sales and warranty card, to purchase Point repair. 
* One year since the date of purchase of the product after quality problems, users can enjoy priority paid maintenance. 
* Pandas Electronics Company products, accessories and attachments are not in the replacement and warranty. 


Under the circumstances I do not provide "OZ three months, one year repair" service. 
1. My company can not provide product warranty card and valid ticket sales. 
2. Products have been beyond the warranty period. 
3. Disassemble damage caused. 
4. Product Warranty Standard (fragile stickers) are damaged or missing. 
5. Due to unexpected factors or human causes (including operating errors, disassemble, water, transportation, etc.) natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, etc.) made 
Into a product malfunction or damage. 

Warranty Confirmation: to date the beginning of the end user's purchase of computing.